Adding Jetty Servlet Container to Apache


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Morning Everyone,

I need to add Jetty to a new VPS I just set up here, since Tomcat is now gone with CentOS 7, but before I do that manually I saw several Jetty RPMs already in WHM. I'm unsure of what they are or which (if any) are the Jetty servlet container. Google just returns dated material and nothing referring to cPanel. Anyone out there know?

jetty RPM.png
Managed to get a workaround using the Ready2Run version of OpenBD, however this solution is only good for one account, which is all I need, but having Jetty integrated with cPanel and the whole server would be a better solution. In either case I now have what I needed.

And I apparently misspoke earlier, I guess Tomcat is available in CentOS 7, just cPanel stopped supporting it.