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  1. eJM

    eJM enterpriseJM

    I found what appears to be a great tutorial about preventing spam in a topic here: There is a PDF file I am following the instructions on and came to a stop at the end of Step 2. Here is suggests:
    This tut was written before the version of cPanel/WHM I am using, so things might be a little different. I wanted to reply to that discussion to ask this question, but the last several posts, over the last year and a half have gone unanswered. So...

    I found the Install a Perl Module and there were no modules installed. I did a search of the list or available modules for Net∷DNS and found 2 results that were not exactly what was shown in the tutorial:

    Net::DNS::ZoneParse::parser::NetDNSZoneFileFast (0.1)
    Net::DNS::ZoneParse::parser::NetDNSZoneParser (0.1)

    Is these what I should install? Or is that tutorial outdated and should be discarded?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. eJM

    eJM enterpriseJM

    Is these, Are these... potatoes, potatos. :(
  3. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    That tutorial is still pretty valid, but very in-depth and requires work to keep it going.

    If you want to stop spam though, that's a good one.
  4. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    If I go to Install a Perl Module in WHM a script runs and then it populates with a long list of modules installed already. One of which is Net::DNS. That's not what you see when you go to Install a Perl Module?
  5. Peter Bernard

    Peter Bernard New Member

    Section #4 of the pdf broke Outlook for me and I could not send emails. It did not like the 15 second delay so I had to leave that part out. I did the rest until section #6 and it has stopped 99% of spam.
  6. eJM

    eJM enterpriseJM

    No, it says this at the bottom of that box:

    Installed Perl Module(s)
    No Perl Module(s) installed.

    And the list of available modules with Net::DNS as a search term included only the two I mentioned in my first post:

    Further in the thread that discussed the steps, it was determined that setting that to 2 seconds, instead of 15, worked for those who said they tried it. The author agreed that was an option for those for whom 15 seconds didn't.


  7. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Does your Install a Perl Module window look like this?
    If I put net::dns into the search box there and hit the Go button I get 2 pages of results. The ninth of which is the module you're looking for.

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  8. eJM

    eJM enterpriseJM

    Dan, that's very odd. I was about to share a screenshot of what I saw yesterday (only the 2 listings I mentioned in my first post), but just now, when I performed the exact same search I did last night, that whole long list came up. I don't know what or how it happened. I promise you I wasn't smokin' anything funny and what I reported in this thread yesterday was just as I saw it. I'm gonna quit scratchin' my head, 'cause I can't afford any more hair loss. The Perl Module is installed now. On to step 3. :)
  9. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Glad to hear you finally got the bugs worked out eJM!

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