Add Zend+Ioncube+eAcclerator+APC+MemCahce -Auto installer.


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Would like to request Knownhost to add this important utility auto installer of Knownhost..

all of them are free..
Now days most of site runs on Php & Sql..
so All of us will be benifited...

Please give a thought on it.


Thanks for suggestion. We do these per request now but possibly will do them by default in the future.

all of them are free...
so KH can add them in auto user will be benifited and KH also be a bit relaxed...coz they got support ticket for this..
Auto installer-uninstaller will help them out...
+1 for this

Would be great as an option in supported cps. These would be a benefit to all accounts on the box as they would reduce resource usage.
With Cpanel you can always run the scripts from the scripts folder, but then there is option, if KH wanted to to add a new script which installs all even GD and other applications that KH runs on their resellers/Cpanel Shared hosting.
I totally agree that there should be scripts available as part of skeleton systems to do "favorite configurations" from KH for different situations. This would fit under a PHP-Expert config? ;)