Add another set of Nameservers


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Hello All,

I would like to setup another set of nameservers on my 2 ips

Currently i have

and i would like to add another set as follows so i can use these for my personal sites

Is there a way to do this?

IF yes, can you guide me

Hello 4futuredreams,

Yes you can create new nameservers. You would do this in the Reseller Center and then at the bottom left there is Edit Priveleges/Nameservers.

Although it doesn't sound to me like you need to be doing this. This would be used for by someone that you have set up to resell the space that you sold to them and they want to use their own nameservers so their clients do not see their upline's domain. But since this new domain is going to be yours as well I would suggest simply using your system nameservers that you already have setup.