account transfer issues


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When I transfer an account from a remote server,
I noticed DNS entries are added using current's account
name servers which is useless since I want to move
account, so I will also change to new DNS.

Is there a way to tell WHM not to create entries using
old nameserver, but using instead WHM account nameservers
since this is reason that I copy account?

I had a lot of trouble so far with moving sites using WHM
transfer account function ...
Hello mamboguy and welcome to knownhost :)

I have used the CPanel account transfer scripts a couple of times now myself and I never witnessed anything like what you're seeing.

Ok, looking around it looks like you're using one of the transfer account tools. It is normal to have to edit the DNS zone after using one of those tools for each domain.

I will usually do a backup of the account and then restore it on the new server using CPanel scripts and SSH. I do believe however that you can use the WHM backup and then on the new server use the restore full backup/cpmove file too.

I think I will take a minute and write up a tutorial for doing this and put it in the tutorials section. Take a look there if you'd like.