Account Cancellation Policy


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Can someone point me in the right direction regarding cancellation policy? I thought that opening a ticket with billing would suffice but have yet to hear from Knownhost. I have to cut back on my expenses otherwise I would love to stay here. Thanks. Larry
Hi Larry,
Hate to hear you have to go! As for your issue, sales and billing is correct for your cancellation request, however sales and billing staff are available 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST Monday thru Friday, so they won't be available at the moment to assist. You should hear from someone tomorrow.
I got my #5$$ handed to me by billing. I learned that they stick to their guns when it comes to money using the Terms of Service that nobody reads. I will for now on. 7 day notice to cancel on VPS accounts. 14 day notice to cancel for Dedicated. I should take a page out of their book and jam my customers up too. Based on a technicality.
Don't try to blame KH for your failure to read the TOS. BTW, you are wrong when you say "that no one reads". If you get a loan and don't read the terms, don't blame the lender when you find the interest is higher than you wanted.

Always read the contract before you commit.