Access to HTTP headers in WHM?


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I was just wondering if and/or how I can look at/modify the HTTP headers sent by my server. (I am learning about character encoding...) As I understand, I need to access my Apache httpd.conf, but I have no idea how. Is this possible via WHM?

Thanks for any suggestions...
Hello Aarem,

The thing to remember with editing your Apache conf files is that with every cPanel update the httpd.conf will revert to what cPanel thinks it should be. They have however added some include files which will be preserved through updates. You can reach and edit these in WHM by going to: Main >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration. I've never tried to overwrite a setting before but my guess is that if you put a directive in an include that already exists in httpd.conf it will overwrite it.

If you want to take a look at the httpd.conf file itself you should find it at /usr/local/apache/conf.

Hope that helps