Access files before dns propogates

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    THis is gonna sound like a dumb question.. but ive gotta ask it cause i dont know :p

    How do i upload my content and configure a database before i change the namerservers ?

    I understand i can use my Main I.P http://with /~mydomain and view my index.. but how do i actually upload my site before the name server change ? and how do i get access to the Cpanel in order to upload and configure my database ?

  2. khiltd

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    You just use the same IP address.
  3. Unregistered

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    Access files via IP address

    I dont really understand.. if i use my Main I.P addy for the server or the I.P for the actually domain name i added.. I can only see my index /cgi-bin/

    I cant add /cpanel on the end to log into that, and i cant use FTP either.

    So how do i get access to upload ?

    just using http://123.123.123/#mydomain doesnt work

  4. KH-Joel

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    The Pre-Sales forum isn't for addressing your issue mentioned above. Please open a ticket with our Support team at for further assistance.

  5. khiltd

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    Login as root and you can see everything.

    Use SFTP.

    No, you need to use a tilde and the username, not a hash and domain name.


    Apache will also have to be configured to allow this:
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    Gaz, please create an account and discuss here in the correct forum.


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