Abuse Dept Not Responding


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One of my site was victem of wordpress plugin hack (which happened to millions of websites). Its a normal website with no ads or anything. just 5 pages. It was some how hacked and spam (abuse) dept informed me abt it. i was in vacation and had no access to internet. So they waited and then suspended account on my VPS and told not to unsuspend it. I did respected it and havent unsuspended it till now. I contacted Support dept to help me out and they said that they dont have power to do and i have to wait till abuse dept comes. Its been around 7 days since my site is off. I was waiting from past 24 hours for abuse dept to come and help me but no one has yet replied to me.

Abuse ticket ID: 331676 (Its still open and no one cared to follow up. Its really worst.. :(No one replied from june 27.

I do sincerely apologize for this and I will investigate as to why you were not replied to. I have gone ahead and unsuspended your site, if you would please work with the support department to make sure your site is good and clean and I will address this issue with our abuse department as to why your replies were missed.

Our abuse department is only operational Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm cst, however, there was indeed plenty of time to get a reply into your ticket so I will make for certain this is addressed.