Abuse Dept Not Replying

Gaurav Singh

New Member
Hi Team

One of my account suspended due to some copyright content on 1 page added by a website visitors. I have received an mail from abuse department but to due to some family problem i was not replied your abuse dept mail on same day. So I have notice this issue next day and remove affected page and user from website and database both. Mail particular user regarding this. Then i have send an reply to abuse dept and support dept both, Because its friday so according your support dept abuse dept available only on monday to friday. So I prefer wait for monday. today 3 days already passed but no reply from abuse depratment. I contacted Support dept to help me out and they said that they dont have power to do. Its been around 4th days since my site is off. I was waiting for abuse dept to come and help me but no one has yet replied to me. So I requesting your please help me and activate this account asap.

Created: 30 June 2016 10:19 AM ticket ID: 687663 (Its still open )

I apologize for the delay Gaurav. Our Abuse Department is not 24/7 as our Support Department is. An update to your ticket has already been posted. Please check your inbox or login directly to the Support Portal at 'https://support.knownhost.com/'.