Hi guys,
I am using whmcs I pay 5 dollars a month
well as a matter of fact yesterday I just installed it even though I have been paying from the very begining.
That is not a problem but one question please, I have decided to put my whmcs to another domain which is not in my vps , Can I do that? Please let me know thanks.

By the way! I love your vps. Thank you very much for your great services.
Yes you can. As knownhost is a reseller you do not have direct access to your license in the whmcs.com license center. However, just submit a ticket to licensing in the whmcs.com support center and request to have your license key to be "Reissued" so you can install on a different domain name/IP Address.
You know, it's a bit funny. I've had no problem with WHMCS support, and none of us have issues with KnownHost support. I'm seeing a trend here... Are these two just meant to go together? ;) Like a hand and a shoe? Or is that foot and hat?

Head and glove?