About VS3 and Hybrid CPU

Alex Vojacek

New Member
Currently I am on a VS3 VPS and it was working great up until last week.

My backup takes ages and I could found out looking at the charts that my VPS is now "cap" in the cpu, a simple zip file of 50mb takes ages and the CPU assigned to the zip process in WHM indicates
0.4 0.1ussage (cpu/mem).

Is this a limitation you put into place lately? because I was use to pack zip files quite fast and my cpu was in the 20% when that happens, 0.4 is way to low and for zipping a 300mb files takes more than 2 hours, it is unaceptable.

Is the hybrid VPS better in terms of CPU? is there a way to fix this very low cpu share I have?

Thank you in advance.
Hello Alex,

Personally I cannot answer your question (although I am not seeing the same problem on my VPS) but I can suggest that you might be better off shooting in a ticket to support.

PS: This was not a Pre-sales question so I moved it to the cPanel forum.