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I am thinking to move DC into EAST COAST DC, but technical support says that process may or may not be same in EAST COAST DC compare to west coast DC. can we not get hardware detail like hostgator show in his website. Knowhost.com also does not show hardware detail in website. I think they should show evenif all different or whatever. Because as a customer we should aware of that. I know that knowhost.com wrote just "16+CPU". But this does not clear about hardware/processor. Actually i was thinking to move DC into EAST COAST DC and so i wanted to more about hardware/processor. Because i can not delete account if once i will pay and so.
While we do have a few different models of CPUs in production, most new provisions are on E5-26xx series CPUs.
I am not saying about model . I wanted to know Mhz speed of processor, base processor name ie. E5 OR whatever (its ok that model's series is different). Most important is processor cache file size.


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current VPS (west cost DC) has 2.4 GHZ. So it is possible that in east coast dc, there may be less version of processor i.e 2.3 GHZ ?
We cannot guarantee what type of CPU you'll get, but it will be no less than a 2.3Ghz Intel.

CPU frequency doesn't directly correlate to speed. Higher frequency doesn't always equal more speed.
Ok. one more question. I am from INDIA, so if i change DC to EAST COAST then can i get more speed ? In ping result at https://www.knownhost.com/network.html it shows good result for me at EAST COAST DC. So i am willing to change DC. So i just wanted to confirm that if i changed DC by just looking ping result but if hardware will be not enough good speed then there will no meaning to move DC and so want to confirm speed.
OK thanks. I will try for 1 month. so that if EAST COAST DC seems slow then i can move DC to WEST COAST again. Otherwise later on i will renew for 3 months or 1 years.