A WHM/cPanel backup restore question

Dave G

This morning, do to a dumb thing on my part I need to restore a web site using a cPanel backup after I did so the customer called and asked why they had to re-down load the email from yesterday.

So my question is: When I did the restore I left the "Restore Mail Configuration" checked, if I had unchecked it, would cPanel have left the email in there mail boxes and settings as they were?

Dave G
Hi Dave,

"Restore Mail Configuration" Means user's mailboxes, forwarders, aliases, and email which is why they had to re-download it. So yes if you had unchecked it they would not have had to re-download.

Depending on the site and what happened you can actually download a backup file locally and open it (with the right software such as 7-Zip) then drill down to the files and restore them using FTP rather than doing a full restore.
Thanks Dan

Yah it was a Joomla upgrade gone bad and I tried to restore from a daily backup I do but I keep getting some weird errors.

So all of there settings and current email would have stayed the same.