A testimonial (2 months in).


You don't have a place for testimonials, so I decided to put it here where potential customers might see it.

I've got a client/server application I wrote for my business which is built on top of another open source application. My business is seasonal so I do upgrades and development November - February. The application quite literally only gets used a few minutes a day, but when in use the client fires off a bunch of DB requests in short order.

I had been running on a shared hosting plan from another hosting provider. Frankly, it was pretty good better than 90% of the time. Last September or so they "upgraded" to new, better hardware and my problems began. Not only was the application usually painfully slow but trying to develop the software was excruciating. I also had trouble with them seeing my rapid connections as a Synflood and blocking me. After a bunch of dialogue with their support I decided I needed to go to a VPS so I didn't have to deal with the competition from hundreds of other users.

I had thought about upgrading to a VPS at the old place, but I did have some concerns about their support. I don't use much support but when the server quits working my business is shut down and I need it dealt with fast. I got a really strong recommendation for KnownHost, and your VPS configurations looked like a better fit for my needs. So I signed up 12/15 and moved my stuff.

I found I'd got into the habit at the old host of clicking something, taking a sip of coffee, and looking back to wait for the page to load. After switching I spent a lot of time staring at pages waiting for them to reload without realizing it got done so fast I'd missed it. Needless to say I'm very happy to have a server that is waiting for me to wake up instead of the other way around.

So until this week I was continuing to use them as my registrar. This week I'm moving that away too. It just took their support folks almost 24 hours to tell me I needed to pay a registration fee (registration was included with the hosting) before they'd give me a key to transfer to the new registrar.

Today in their forums I see this:
For the last couple of days my VPS environment went down every day for at least 1 1/2 hours daily. Every time it goes down and I submit a ticket, an hour later the server is online again. A couple of hours later the server is down again.

So, I'm feeling pretty smart right now.

Thanks KnownHost!

Thank you very much for the testimonial! We appreciate honest reviews of our service and are glad that we have been able to meet and exceed your needs. It is my sincere hope that this is simply the start of a very long journey that we travel together!

Thanks for being a valued member of the KH Family!