A Records & Mailserver issue?


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I'm not especially au fait with A Record and all the jazz.
My best stops at glueing IP's to nameservers and pointing back to a host provider. So I'd appreciate some help here.

VPS got setup today. Received the dns entries. Glued the IP's to each NameServer over at Godaddy and pointed to DNS records to the nameservers. The domain being used as the server name, wont have a website attached to it, nor will it be receiving emails. It's an old domain I've had laying around and used it for the VPS.

The nameservers are:
ns1.akssg.org (
ns2.akssg.org (

I've since added a new account domain and pointed back to the above NS's at my registrar.

However this domain is using the other dedicated IP ( Now I'm kinda stuck not knowing if I should add the dedicated IP to the DNS Settings A Record or if I should instead use

I'm also experiencing mail issues on this newly added domain account. Thunderbird is unable to verify the login credentials. Everything is correct from my side but it keeps coming back as an error, can't connect. Strange because I can add the domain URL and it resloves to the... Index of /

I sent a test email to the address and it never got received but it never bounced back either. Not sure if this is still a propegation issue or if something is setup wrong on the VPS or if the A record needs to point to (it's now pointing to

Help me please :)
HI AUDave!

I see that one of each of your IP numbers is assigned to one each of your nameservers but then you say you have set .160 to be a dedicated IP for your domain. I can't see that working since it's also one of your nameservers.

Once you add an account it will make all the changes needed for that domains DNS. You should not need to add any A records and certainly not a DNS setting A record as that's for your DNS servers not domains.

I don't see where you've said you added any email accounts for the domain. That would need to be done for sure of course but that would mean that your test email should have bounced.

Did you also ask KH to configure rDNS for your server's default shared IP number? You'll definitely want to do that if not else you'll have difficulty sending email from it.

To end propagation can take up to a few days so if everything else is OK odds are that it's simply that :)
Yea dito what Dave said, but if you have in fact created the email account and not accidentally messed up any DNS records, it sounds exactly like a propagation issue. To test propagation simply ping your mail server and see what IP it shows. If the ip is not the new server then you know that is the issue. Sometimes you can speed up propagation by doing an ipconfig /flushdns but the propagation really needs needs to happen with your ISP before it finishes on your end. Usually propagation only takes a few minutes for my GoDaddy domains with Bright House as my ISP, but as Dave said it can take awhile in some cases/locations. MXToolbox.com is an excellent tool to test for any email or domain issues.

Let us know if these tests show it's a propagation issue or not as we can help more after knowing that.