A little phpBB help?


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Hi guys,

Thought I'd try here, since the people over at the phpBB forum apparently don't care enough to help, or don't know the answer. Strange that their support people wouldn't know the answer, but whatever...

Bryan said:
In one of my forums, I am getting the message "At least one topic in this forum has not been approved", however the forums are not set up for such moderation, nor have they ever been.

This has happened once before but I can't remember for the life of me what I did to fix it. It's possible I went into the database and did it from there, but I can't seem to find where this queue is located in the database.

Also, when logging into the moderation control panel (or clicking on the question mark), no topics show up...of course, because there really aren't any topics awaiting approval.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.

The phpBB Support guy said:
If your "newly register users" group is enabled, then posts will require moderation whichever forum they post in.
What version of phpBB are you running?

Bryan said:
Running 3.0.7-PL1, and do not have the Newly Registered User group enabled.

Bryan said:
Nobody has any ideas on this?

There has to be a database entry somewhere that controls whether the question mark appears; I just can't seem to find it.

If anyone here uses phpBB and can point me in the right direction, that would be grand. This one has me temporarily perplexed. :D
I use phpBB exclusively for any forums I have set up. I'm running 3.0.7-PL1, but I have yet to encounter that issue.

Even though you don't have the Newly Registered group enabled, is it possible that one of your user groups doesn't have permission to post directly in that forum?

Of course, if that were true, then it would show up in the moderation queue, I believe, which you said is empty...

Ok, I'm stumped!
Thanks for taking a crack at this Jeren!

No, all the permissions are setup properly as far as I know. In fact, they haven't been changed in a long time. I'll go back and look one more time in case one of the updates changed them (I can't imagine that happening in one forum), but nothing in the moderation queue.

The strangest part is that this happened before, quite some time ago...I just can't remember what I did to fix it. I've been through all the code, and while I found the line that puts the question mark in, there are so dog gone many includes used in phpBB that I can't trace it back to the exact database entry.

I have gone through the database and looked at the posts, and there "appears" to be an "approved" column, where phpBB keeps track of approved posts using 0's and 1's, but all are showing up as approved.

This one definitely has me confused. Oy! ha ha!! :D Thanks again Jeren.
Well...you're going to love this.

The problem went away sometime between last night and this afternoon...on its own! I didn't do a thing, and the question mark just disappeared. Lovely. :D
Awesome! Glad it got fixed!

As I said, I've had no issues with this. If you ever do find out what it was, I'd love to hear about it!