A Huge thank u to "Support" for todays help


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I’ve been with knownhost for 3 years 1 month. And have always been treated with utmost respect from the support team, even when at times it was clear I was way out of my debt with certain issues or problems I was having, The guys always stepped in and went above and beyond the call of duty to fix and help me....

I just wanted to make a quick post here today, because for last 2 days I’ve been fighting a clients cpanel restore and getting nowhere...

The problem it took 2 days is down to my internet and NOT knownhost....I’m snowed in at the moment and have had blizzards on and off...so its been effecting my internet....I had an offsite backup of a clients account But unfortunately it was corrupted and so i had to rely on another backup i had on my local pc...problem was it was 2.27 Gbs and i just couldn’t get it uploaded....

I asked if i could split the file into smaller chunks and upload like that..so i uploaded the files in 100 mb .rar chunks....now i was stuck. How to rejoin those files and and recreate the tar.gz from the .rar files I had so as to do a restore. !!

So contacted support and explained my situation.....initially was in touch with Jackie....then Jeff and finally William....(shift changes I’m guessing)

William spent about 2 or 3 hours with me thru email today trying to restore the account...running into disk space issues along the way. (my account limitations) He kindly increased disk space temporally to be able to build the tar.gz file...extract contents and restore the clients account. All the while keeping me updated along the way with the process….so I could in turn keep my client updated.

So just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to Jackie..jeff and especially William for all the help they gave me today and in the past.

Truly appreciated.

Ure the best Support team on the net !! hands down :)