A few suggestions...


Morning, folks! I have a few suggestions for your account management experience; more specifically, the customer portal. Ready? Let's go!

1) Password restrictions? Obliterate them.

At this point, I'd consider this to be the most important of the three suggestions. I was hoping that the 12-character password limit was something that was restricted only during the account creation / ordering process. Unfortunately, I realized that it's a restriction that's present even when changing your password in the customer portal. Not sure as to whether or not this restriction is due to the billing software being used, but it's a tad... well, it's too short from my point of view. If we could up the maximum password length significantly, and additionally allow more characters (%,^,#,&,!,*,~, etc.), that would be marvelous.

2) Modernized Portal Experience

This ties in (somewhat) to the suggestion above. The billing system works fine, but it's outdated. Going from the primary customer interface (billing, etc.) to the up-to-date Kayako ticketing system is a huge jump. I'd not only suggest a complete platform upgrade from the billing/account management standpoint, but also a more unified experience. I feel like I'm jumping around between different control interfaces. It's an incredibly obvious first world problem, but better combining all aspects of the customer portal would just make things that much better. You guys have, by far, the best SSD platform that I have used. It just blows everything out of the water. I'd love to see that same level of badass-ness carried over to the "behind the scenes," account management end of things.

3) Resource / Server Analytics

I'd label this as the not necessary, but "it'd be damn cool" suggestion of the three. Giving customers, via the customer portal, access to data from their various services. Bandwidth usage, server-level resource usage, system load data, etc. You get the gist of it. This is something that I can see being implemented in a modern-day, all-in-one management portal for customers. I'm sure it would require a great deal of custom coding, and I'm unsure as to whether or not this would border on the "proactive monitoring" side of things. Regardless, this would be a real, real nice addition for a future revision. The inner-geek in me would sing loudly.

Again, not necessary... but damn cool. I have had access to similar systems with past providers, but their actual services were not up to par with your hosting offerings. Not in any sense. It'd be the icing on the cake.

And that, guys, is that. Thanks for listening. I'm sure you have heard at least two of these suggestions, but in my current caffeinated state, I had to share my own feedback. ;)


We're already on top of all of your suggestions actually :) They're all part of the same project.

Stick around, we've got some cool things in the works ;)