A Few Questions Before Coming Over to KnownHost


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I've spent a bit of time browsing this forum and a few outside web hosting reviews. Before I do move a handful of sites in, please help me with a few questions. I am currently at an EIG owned company on a small VPS plan with 15 sites, all under my management. There, I have used cPanel for 4 years and "learned" a lot about Linux and the server. I have been convinced today that DirectAdmin and KnownHost are in my future.
  1. Is it true that I can have these 15 (sub) accounts in DirectAdmin VPS? With possibly a small number more arriving.
  2. A the previous site, I used to request help from cPanel through a support ticket, instead of the unresponsive hosting support. It sounds like this may be replaced by the "managed" part of MVPS.
  3. Is Centos 8 available yet? If not, Centos 7 ?
  4. cPanel had a nightly cron that managed package updates. It this the same in DirectAdmin or is this a managed feature?
  5. 2 of the sites are dynamic and run multiple daily cron jobs. There are a lot of interconnected parts here. After a migration, is there time (can time be allowed) to confirm that sites and programs are working correctly before changing the name servers? The sites may be functioning in parallel, but only one should be answering requests until I feel confident to flip-the-switch.
  6. #5 causes me concern, because of the changing data in these 2 account's databases. In the end, I guess a late inning database migration can occur. Also, because of where database credentials have been located - above the document root. Scripts may not correctly reference
  7. Are "root access" and "managed" compatible? I am no expert on Linux, and I have learned that it's sometimes easier to fix issues by myself. Is this a "let's work together" relationship?
I look forward to the answers to these questions.

Thanks for checking us out!

  1. Sure. You can create as many accounts as you want in DA.
  2. That's what we're here for ;)
  3. On dedicated servers, yes. It's not quite available on any of our VPS lines yet.
  4. Yep DirectAdmin has it as well and it's part of management.
  5. Absolutely. That's part of the migration process we'll go through with you.
  6. It may pose some "gotchas" but we can work through it with you. No worries, we see oddball configs every day.
  7. Yep absolutely. You'll have full root access to the VPS.
Hopefully this helps you in your decision making and to ease your mind :)