A few noobie Qs - VPS


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Apologies if these are stupid questions, but I cannot seem to find the answers:

How do I get Spamassassin configured for rewrites in client accounts?
Is there any downside to using Sender Verification Callouts ?
How is this different from sender verification?
If I want to whitelist IP's when using RBL's, can I whitelist an entire block with wildcards?
If so, what would be the proper way to write this?
Where / how do I set up root cronjobs or find the root crontab?

Thanks for any advice or assistance.
1. What's a "rewrite"?

2. They can be slow, inaccurate, and Yahoo may blacklist you.

3. Callouts initiate an actual SMTP transaction with the MX host the message is claiming to come from. If that host doesn't accept mail for the user in question, Exim will drop the message as spam.

4 & 5. You'll have to read the Exim documentation (which is an absolute nightmare as Exim is a monumentally bloated Perl script which implements an utterly bizarre domain specific language whose syntax makes little sense to anyone other than its creator [and even then I have my doubts]).

6. crontab -e
Hi khiltd

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Rewrite - if you try to configure spamassassin as an end user (hosting client), it normally allows you set the spam headers. In my cpanels, it doesn't because "spamassassin is not configured for rewrites". - This is the spamassassin terminology taken verbatim from my cpanels.

crontab -e. I do not understand.
Hello Cosmo,

It's been a while since I've used Spamassassin but from what I remember in the domains cPanel where you enabled Spamassassin there's another button to configure it which is required for rewrites.

Crontab -e is to edit the root crontab in SSH. Crontab -l just to list it.