A few migration questions


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Hello KH Support,

I am considering migrating my VPS from Network Solutions to Known Host. A couple of questions:
  1. SSD-1 vs VPS-2: I'm thinking about getting the SSD-1 VPS + Plesk Panel. My current VPS runs on Linux 2.6.9 / Plesk 9.5.4 (1024 RAM, 10GB disk space). Do you see any issues with migrating from that configuration to Known Host SSD-1? Any reason I should ask for a VPS-2 instead?
  2. Downtime: What is the expected downtime during the migration, and can KH handle the migration for me? I have total 6 sites, including one Drupal site (registration, publishing etc.) and one phpBB forum, not huge but growing. I don't mind suspending them for a few hours during the migration but would like to know how much time is required for the migration to be completed.
  3. PHP Upgrade: My VPS runs outdated PHP 5.1.6, and I'd like to upgrade to PHP 5.3.10 with PDO extension. Can I request that after the migration?
Thanks for your interest in KnownHost :)

1. The only reason to go for the VPS-2 here is if you need the extra disk space it providers. Otherwise SSD-1 all the way :)
I'd highly highly highly advise you to go with cPanel instead of Plesk. It may have a slight learning curve since you're coming from Plesk, but I can assure you that you'll be much happier in the end.

2. "a few hours" as you mention should be all that's required :)

3. Sure can! I'd recommend going ahead and going to 5.4 as 5.3 just went EOL a few weeks ago.

If you've got any more questions, bring em on ;)
Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, all sounds great. Here is a follow-up question though: you suggested selecting cPanel instead of Plesk - I am definitely open to that but since my current VPS is on Plesk, can KH still handle the migration for me if the control panel does not match?

We sure can. Though we've not really announced it publicly, we've recently started supporting migrations from Plesk -> cPanel.
FYI, my VPS was migrated over to KH last night - everything went off without a hitch, super fast and supper efficient. Thank you :)