A feature that will improve your site performance 730%!!

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Do you want KnownHost to be a Cloudflare Optimized Partner ?

  1. Yes! , I think getting Railgun feature for free is very useful for me.

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  2. No , I don't like Cloudflare.

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  3. I'm not sure if Cloudflare Railgun can help my site or no.

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  1. e3lanweb

    e3lanweb New Member


    Plz consider joining the Cloudflare Optimized Hosting Partners Program. When you do that you will be able to offer your shared and VPS / dedicated server customers CloudFlare services (including Railgun) for free! If purchased directly from CloudFlare these services, including Railgun, would cost $200 per month, so this is an exceptional value.

    I see some of the famous Hosting providers are already a CloudFlare optimized partner. Like Arvixe , BlueHost , JustHost , DreamHost..etc. Also take a look of what Umbra Hosting is advertising on their site over here http://www.umbrahosting.com/cloudflare You can also find the service requirements here.

    Please KnownHost , consider joining this program. You guys are a great Company and you deliver a superior Dedis with a rock solid support....I really like your services and I don't want to change my provider : (

    But our site needs a performance boost and we can not afford paying another $200 a month to get Railgun nor paying for an expensive CDN.

    Is that possible in the near future ?
  2. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member


    This is something under the control of the client (assuming you have a VPS). Cloudflare takes over your DNS, so it's not something we can control or offer on a global scale.

    If you like Cloudflare, you're free to sign up with them and we will help you set it up on your VPS, just open a ticket.

    Get VPS hosting in the US from KnownHost.
  3. e3lanweb

    e3lanweb New Member

    Hello Jonathan,

    Thanks for replying. I'm already using Cloudflare Paid Pro version on the dedicated server I purchased from you guys. When you guys become a Cloudflare Optimized Partner it's a different story. Because when you do , you can provide your customers with the Railgun feature for free! ( a $200 value ! ).

    Please read this Umbra Hosting Promotion and/or read through the cloudflare links provided above.

  4. JimS

    JimS New Member

    I am not yet on KH VPS, but I have some of my sites with my other host on CloudFlare...
    I am not blown out of the water, so either I have a slow home connection or cloudfare isnt
    is promising as they made out to be as I have used connection sites to test my sites before
    and while on cloudflare, the results were very meager at best...maybe a 1-2sec faster....
    then again, I am using sucky comcast, and sometimes it can take what seems forever
    for me to go from one site to another; comcast service is become more poor over the years....
    I honestly feel sometimes that I am still using HugesNet, but dunno, could be combo of issues...
  5. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    1-2 seconds is a huge amount when talking about page load times. If you're thinking this is still nothing to be proud of, then I'd definitely say you have pretty poor internet service as the majority of the web loads in less than 1-2 seconds so tacking a 1-2 second difference on that is a 100% difference.

    For example www.knownhost.com loads in 200-400ms on a good connection and is optimized to do so. Adding just one second onto this is a 350-600% increase in load time.
  6. JimS

    JimS New Member

    Are you calling HG a poor internet service provider?
    Geez whiz, I cant even run sitemap without the resource cops coming...
    I cant wait to get my sites on VPS...be much faster....

    HG = DG = Dead Gator...

    BTW, some of my sites can take 3- 5+ seconds to load....
    They are graphic intense, not sure if that is a good excuse....

    So maybe:

    KH VPS = CloudFlare = Kickass load time....

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  7. Dave G

    Dave G Member

    HG is not a "internet service provider" they are now IMHO, a poor web site hosting company, ComCast, Cox and ATT/SBC or what ever they are calling them selves are ISP.
  8. JimS

    JimS New Member

    Ok, use those fancy edumacated terms if you want...
    I have a book that reads the following:
    They are too big, and provide poor services then before....
    higher rates = bad, poor service....
    and I dont have options in my area...
    Its either comcrap, dish, or nothing, and dish
    does not have TV/Internet, so that would be two
    separate dishes; They got you right where they want you....

  9. AlexH

    AlexH Member

    I don't think he's promoting them, I think he's just pointing out a difference between internet service providers and web hosting companies.
  10. JayMat

    JayMat New Member

    Either way.. I didn't realize that hooking up the partner program via CloudFlare utilized Railgun for the included customers (free of charge).. or per the regular $20/month rate. I assume that even now, the Railgun feature is for the partner.. not the partners clients. Was this something that was offered in CF's earlier stages? Not to mention... you would think that KH would then begin losing any returns on investment as they would be compensating adding this enterprise class feature for free to it's members.

    Only thinking in those terms as that is how I perceive things with the services I plan on reselling via KH to my site.

    I think the most that would happen in becoming a partner is to keep it simple.. if this was something that KH thought about taking up, simply adding it to the list of addons via ones cPanel is about as far as I would go with it.. not the optimized partner plan. Not a bad option. It only comes down to fine print (or as bold as it must be in regards to the client base) with the terms of "We are not CloudFlare.. use at YOUR own discretion"

    Though those other host do offer it via cPanel.. like $5/month instead of $20 (but watered down.. and yes the DNS change is handled through this partnership / per client) .. I see it still often turns to mountains of support tickets with people having various issues. 9 times out of 10 it turns out to be people forgetting to either "Pause" the service via dev stages or "Purge" the cache. Not to mention, RocketLoader (though it is getting better) is still a beta feature in CloudFlare. RocketLoader seems to be causing issues for people with "thick javascript skin" sites. Files already minified can gather some bugs as it is trying to minify and already min css and/or js file. It finally plays nice with bootstrap.min both css and js... but that took a few rounds. I remember having to add special tags to half my css and js files in the beginning telling it to ignore them.

    IPv4/6 gateways could be an added perk.. but then again.. I am not sure with how KH is manning the helm in these regards. I guess I haven't quized them so much on certain things.

    Ultimately, it's a study of how you would play in this role. For instance, I was with a host that offered this via an offering in the user area and cPanel. Decided to try it out. Wound up removing that from the hosting account and going directly to the source. It seems others that I have know to do the same thing (even clients I have webmastered in the past) have taken advantage of services directly themselves.. rather than me playing middle man... and in fact, I prefer it that way.

    With something like hosting, you're already hugely responsible with so much in peoples online presence.. why add to that stress by offering another service that could be both a PR and a complaint (period) nightmare?
  11. e3lanweb

    e3lanweb New Member

    Please note that this service is offered to the partners clients free of charge and OPTIONAL. So if any customer don't like it he can simply turn it off with a click of a button. Most hosting companies turn this feature off by default for their customers.

    I admit that CloudFlare service sometimes needs an experienced tech to fix problems but for me it's a fantastic service and very useful. That's why I guess that the Railgun feature will be very good as well.
  12. JayMat

    JayMat New Member

    Correct, and that applies to the use of the CDN only (i.e; Free) Although, yes.. support is sometimes needed.. you still cannot really beat the fact that they are amongst some of the most affordable CDN's on the market. Partners (KnownHost) also have the added bonus of getting listed in their partner directory. I think that KnownHost deserves more notice.. in fact, they are so awesome I have started a hosting company reselling their equipment... that's love!

    I did just go through their documents and it does appear that they offer the use of Railgun for clients. As an optimized partner they have this ability.. just instal the listener and all is well. I had no idea and it certainly seems to be a massive benefit for customer and host. Thanks for bringing this to light.. I really had no idea as I assumed they charged for the partnership.
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  13. e3lanweb

    e3lanweb New Member

    Yes , webpages on servers using Railgun are compressed to about 3% of its original size!!!

    Gzip in best scenarios will compress webpages to about 40% or 30% of it's original size. That is a huge improvement!

    No wonder that Cloudflare charges $200 per month for this ...but we can get it for FREE! if Knownhost decided to become a Cloudflare Optimized partner.
  14. JayMat

    JayMat New Member

    Yes, the advantages are there.. although, you'd really have to also think about their end of this deal. Granted we get to take advantage of this service.. it's also another $200+ cost that they would have to submit to monthly. Anyone can become an optimized partner (I am in fact) the only thing is this.. gathering the actual use of Railgun requires high fees on the host end. At that point.. realistically.. I would not be offering this to my end users "free" of charge by any stretch of the imagination... I would probably cut the costs considerably.. but it would still cost the end user at the end of the day.

    There could be the argument of "Well, they make plenty of money at the end of the day".. sure they do.. but with all the other expenses.. it turns into a heap of additional costs and many of which are simply far more important that offering Railgun to hosted clients.

    Learning to use gzip properly and coupling that with a $20/month CloudFlare package will enhance your load times considerably as it is. Not to mention, KH offers SSD hosting at (in my opinion) absurdly low costs which will doubly reduce the loading of large databases etc.

    I don't speak for KH obviously.. but looking deeper into the "more business" and "less cool factor/impulse" it seems it's just not all that beneficial for them.. unless they have so much profit margin that it would be silly to not spend your oodles and boodles of money.

    For the record, I would do this.. offer Railgun to my clients.. I would also offer it to them for a fee. But yes. I love Railgun and CloudFlare alone has had my loyalties for quite some time. It'd be a nice addon to see. :)

    Also, it states in the contract for using Railgun as an Optimized Partner.. "One must provide levels of support for Railgun". Now, that's just another level of support they'd have to deal with. Thus, we could potentially see a drop in the FAMOUS support times we have here at KH. There is more food for thought.
  15. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    Railgun is a fun toy for sure but... Even if we would signup for CF partnership and get that Railgun running it will (well, could) affect only one single server. This technology is a good tool for shared hosting providers as it would allow to a) squeeze more customers into the single server and yet b) have more or less reasonable site access speeds. However we don't really do shared hosting and if we should sign up for CF business account there will be zero benefit to our VPS customers as, essentially, every VPS is a separate server and, as such, would require its own railgun installation and its own business+ CF account.
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  16. e3lanweb

    e3lanweb New Member

    Hello Paul,

    Thanks for your reply. The Railgun feature will be active on all Knownhost servers / VPS. At least that is what happening now on **** [name/url removed]. They got Railgun feature up and running on all shared / reseller / VPS / dedicated servers.

    I guess that providing Super Compression technology (worth $200 monthly) on all servers for FREE! is a very good deal.
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  17. e3lanweb

    e3lanweb New Member

    Important note : Railgun is NOT available for Cloudflare Certified Hosting Partners. This feature are ONLY available for Optimized Hosting Partners.

    You can checkout this list. The first 36 companies ( including Justhost , Arvixe , Bluehost and many others) are Optimized Partners and they do benefit from the Railgun feature on all servers...the rest (including 1&1 , Hostgator and many others ) are only certified partners and they don't have Railgun active for free.

    Edit : Quoted from Cloudflare Website

    Railgun is a WAN optimization technology developed by CloudFlare and is available to CloudFlare Business and Enterprise customers, as well as Optimized Partners. Railgun requires a piece of software called the Railgun Listener to be installed on your web server’s network. Below is the activation process. Railgun takes about an hour to install, setup, and test.
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  18. e3lanweb

    e3lanweb New Member

    Just to be sure I contacted another Hosting company ( ***** [name removed] ) and asked them about the availabily of railgun on All their dedicated servers / vps. This is what I got :

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  19. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    Thanks for the information. This was not the case last time we checked, we'll get in touch with CF to see what do they offer now.
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  20. e3lanweb

    e3lanweb New Member

    Great! .. thank you.

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