7 Year Anniversary


Been with KnownHost 7 years today. Just thought I'd take a few minutes to post about my experiences. Best host I have ever had in terms of uptime and support. I was a little concerned about no phone support number when I joined, but what makes email/ticket support work is response and resolution times. Most recent example, today in fact I had a question about a notification email I got that I was not familiar with. Just wanted to clarify everything was OK. Granted, it was a quick and easy topic, but I literally got a response and my question answered in 2 minutes from the time I hit send.

Has the past 7 years been completely without incident? No, but I have gotten timely responses the few times I have had serious issues like one of my accounts getting hacked. They shut down the site/Cpanel account that was compromised but not the entire hosting account. That allowed me to go in via WHM and other means to find out what had happened and with guidance get it all fixed. Learned a lesson about old buggy editors that day.

Uptime/Reliabillity/Support are key to my requirements, and KnownHost comes through on all of those with flying colors, at least in my experience. Please continue to provide world class support and reliability no matter what, and I will likely never go anywhere else. One other thing that I love that comes to mind. They value customer loyalty. When they upgrade packages, they take their existing customers with them and provide those upgrades to us as well, usually in the form of a Christmas present. Glad I took that chance 7 years ago!
I’m a few months away from my 4th Anniversary with KH. I recall all the previous Shared Hosting provider nightmares I had until I found KH. My Customer complaints have gone from many to non existent. I am now a Hero to my Customers thanks to KH. My Hero is KH and their Support Staff.