522 Disk full - please upload later


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Hi folks! I've been a customer of Known Host for years and love the service. But something unusual happened today that's never happened before. When trying to upload a file using an FTP client I got an error message that read, "522 Disk full - please upload later." My stats on CPanel show I have plenty of web space to spare. The FTP program has no trouble signing on, opening folders or even uploading folders on the web to my computers. Only when trying to upload to Knownhost do I get the error.

Is anyone else having this problem or have ever had it before? Many thanks for ideas or thoughts.
There is a chance that your cPanel account hasn't filled its quota yet but your VPS's disk space is full.
You can set cPanel disk usage to unlimited but it'd still be limited to the size of your VPS plan.
You can see the entire disk usage in WHM >> System Health >> Show Current Disk Usage when logged in as root.

If you happen to be on one of our shared servers or this doesn't seem to explain it either, please open a ticket with support so we can help look into it for you.
Thanks for your reply KH-Jared. I don't know what the problem was but it's fixed now.

I have to give BIG KUDOS to the Knownhost support team. I got the message via e-mail "We have corrected the FTP configuration and fixed the issue."
Yes they did! Now everything works as it should. Brilliant job by the staff for understanding what I did not and knowing exactly what to do. I don't know how long I've been with KnownHost but it's been years and this is the only problem I've ever had. What a great company.