500 Internal Server Error


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Tried several things with the help of tech support still I'm screwing something up. Here is the summary.

Brand new server, haven't done anything to it.
First I mistakenly uploaded files as root not giving them the proper ownership. (Lesson learned).

However I have now logged in as a user for the server and I still get the same error. Can anyone help out? the server is www.dittodance.com I am trying to install the YouTube clones software at www.vshare.in .

Thanx in advance.
Hello Ditto,

Is there any errors in the apache error_log?

After discovering that you had uploaded the files as root were they then chowned to the proper owner and moved to the proper location or uploaded using the proper FTP account?
You might want to check you .htaccess file. 500 errors can be attributed to this not always but it's a quick easy check. Also plenty of youtube clones either make changes to the .htaccess file or require you to manually make some changes to work right.