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All websites on our VPS display only a 404 Not Found error / nginx error. KH upgraded the VPS to Plesk this morning. Put in a support request but have not received a response or a confirmation that the support request was received or that the ticket is in the queue.

Can anyone help me figure out what is going on here?

nginx kills all websites on VPS, 1.5 hours downtime till fixed

This is resolved -- the second time I tried to submit a ticket I did get a response and the issue was resolved about 25 minutes later. Ticket #: 299339

Apparently Plesk Autoinstaller installed nginx which caused the 404 errors.and killed all the websites on the VPS. Thank you for fixing, but we are fortunate that someone was available to receive the automated email about the nginx install failure, otherwise we may not have noticed that the sites had crashed until much later. I sent a followup mail asking how this can be avoided in the future, since clearly anything that takes your websites down out of the blue is not acceptable. Can you tell me how this can be avoided? Perhaps shutting off the Plesk autoinstaller? I do not need automatic Plesk upgrades and clearly there is more risk here than it is worth.


Honestly the best way to avoid this would be to disable the plesk autoupdated. It's a double edged sword as it will prevent Nginx from being removed but at the same token you won't get any updates from plesk.
I had an issue with plesk autoupgrade when I was with MediaTemple. I ended up having to login via SSH and disable SSO in order for my customers to login. I've had a number of issues with Plesk, which is why I've switched too cpanel. I do really like the user interface for Plesk but I've managed to find a really nice Cpanel theme that is more than pleasing on the eyes and easy to modify and add in Upselling features to the control panel for my customers.
I'm glad you finally made the conversion. In the long run, you'll find you have far fewer issues with cPanel than with Plesk.