$10 vs $50 per year plan



Anyone ever notice this?

$10 plan:
2 domains
Disk space: 300mb
transfer 2gb
emails: 40
mySQL databases: 4

Ok...If you spend five times as much ($50/yr) you should expect to get five times the "stuff", right? Look:

5 domains *Should get 10 (2x5)
1.0 gb disk space *should get 1.5 gb (300mbx5)
10gb monthly tranfer *this is good...you get what you pay for
100 email accts *should get 200 (40x5)
mySQL databases: 10 *should get 20 (4x5)

Can I purchase five $10 plans and get them merged together?

Sorry these are just looked at as one package. So we wouldn't be able to merge them together. I see your point with the packages though.

So why am I penalized for upgrading to a higher package?

It's like when you go to Wal-Mart and see 3 different qanities of laundry detergent or whatever.

You get 10oz for $1.00, 24 oz, for $2.00, and 38oz for $3.00, for example. The price per unit is less as you upgrade.

It's the totally opposite here. Why do things like this? I don't get it.

These packages are all going to disappear soon anyway other then for existing customers so besides your point there are other things factoring into the overhaul on shared hosting plans. You are looking at each component other then the entire package. It can't multiply by the same amount on each component b/c the annual plan is being paid 5x. But in general as I said the plans are being changed shortly.

What are the new plans going to consist of?

You say that I can't simply multiply the numbers because there are other things you "get" in the higher plans. What more do you get? I see no differences except the numbers.

Thanks for your quick replies.
I'm not sure in hosting if you will find double the components like domains, email, DB's, RAM, etc when paying double the amount. Use our VPS plans or Reseller plans in your example with the plan you pay double of. So the VPS XL vs the VPS M. The resources aren't a lot different but the person is paying 2x the amount.

As said though our shared plans are changing to something more simple. It should be out in less then 2 weeks.

I feel you are just avoiding the questions. Are you interested in having me as a customer or not? What are you willing to do, if anything, to get me to switch from my current web host.

I have pointed out some significant flaws in your pricing and you seem to hint at it that you agree, but so far have not offered a solution.

I only require shared hosting so comparing "apples to oranges" is of no value to me.

I am not avoiding the question. You spoke your opinion on our pricing for shared plans but I am not the one to change our plans. The current plans will not be around within 2 weeks but for now they are what we can offer. I do think the plans need changed which is what I said to you but for the cost of any of the two plans we are discussing it is a bargain as is. Our cheapest plan is just a loss leader to get customers in. So a marketing tactic. That is an honest answer to your concerns. Of course we would want your business and I am confident any dollar spent on hosting with KnownHost is well worth it.

That is one thing I like about this company...

"Our cheapest plan is just a loss leader to get customers in. So a marketing tactic. That is an honest answer to your concerns."

Honesty. Something unfortunately you don't find many places. Kudos to KH