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Morten Knudsen

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I'm not new to the hosting scene. Have had 5-6 different VPS with other vendors and many, many shared/reseller hosting setups. have used them to host my own clients, running primarily WordPress based sites.

Found Knownhost because I was looking for SSD (real SSD, not just SSD cache) and LiteSpeed VPS (the SSD-2 with litespeed option). Fair price, good reviews on independent sites like webhostingtalk, only thing was that this is a Texas based Datacenter, not european (Hey, wake up Knownhost !, expand to Europe, what are you waiting for :) )....

The setup was as easy as always with a VPS solution - I migrated my cPanels from various sources myself. No problems whatsoever (very easy when you're moving from&to cPanel based hosts).

site speed is extremely fast, even with the latency from Texas to Denmark.

The few times I have had the need for support, someone has responded very very quickly. Actually last night I had a question about the ClamAV scanner (that was not enabled as it turned out) - they responded to my ticket within 120 seconds ! - and solved the issue within additional 120 seconds. That kind of quick responce is really not just a one-time event, that has happened almost every time I contacted support via a ticket.

Have just tested the official Danish WordPress Community (cloned the cPanel from the host we're using for that forum) - the clone is running at super-speed :)

For the reasons above (It Just Works ! - the speed of the SSD/LiteSpeed VPS - and especially the super-fast Support) - I have absolutely made the right choice being a Knownhost customer :)
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We're glad to hear of your positive experience! Our SSD boxes are definitely fast! They'll eventually make their way to our west coast and east coast datacenters.

Let us know if you ever need anything :)