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@Robb What's with spamming KH's forum, reviving old threads, with KH adds? Confused
It's an SEO exercise purely. I just need to get the focus for one phrase moved from the current ranking page to the homepage - nothing nefarious.
Now that I know you're staff it makes more sense. At first it was odd, I'm used to spammers advertising other sites. :p
I feel so special today. Just discovered someone with a massive botnet (1,000+) attacking a WP site on my server. Didn't think anyone cared.
Hi Paul,

A little while ago I mentioned (I think it was Jonathan) that I might see a significant surge in traffic to my website and asked what should I do so as not to have my site throttled or lose traffic. I believe Jonathan said just to give you guys a 'heads up'. This might happen in the next few days to a week!