Plesk Gone?


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We can switch you to SuPHP and remove ruid2 from the Apache config. This will reenable Temp URL support.


Like cPanel, Plesk was designed for resellers and not for individual users. Also like cPanel, Plesk is bloated and will impact your system performance.

Unlike cPanel, however, Plesk alters the YUM configuration. Plesk will also restore its YUM configuration every time its admin panel is loaded. This is an issue because it disables all repos other than ones it supports. That means you cannot update MySQL, Apache, PCRE, and a host of other things from their OS defaults unless an update is available from one of their approved repos.

You also cannot compile from source because Plesk uses its own versions of certain files in applications. For example, PHP must be a version supplied by Plesk if you run PHP as CGI/FastCGI, because they install their own version of the SuExec executable and will automatically replace the file with their own if it is changed.

I'll be honest...I dislike cPanel almost as much as I dislike Plesk. The difference is that I have turned down jobs because the client was using Plesk. I have never turned down a job because the client was using cPanel.

Side comment: if Plesk is no longer supported, and hasn't been for a while, perhaps it is time to make this forum read-only. Or remove it from public view.


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We still support Plesk for customers with it; we just do not provide new servers with it.


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Plesk has never altered my YUM configuration and I'm not sure why that should ever happen. Also I've run external versions of PHP just fine with the versions Plesk has available and it's never been an issue. No control panel is perfect, although I think it's better to have a choice than none at all.

Brian Sullivan

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OK, here's a big issue for me as I do this several times each Month and currently trying to do with a site on a Cpanel. Situation is we are re-developing a site, during final beta testing, we create a beta site on the server. In Plesk, when ready to go live, we go into hosting settings, available at the client level, and change the root directory. Boom. Done. If there is an issue, seconds later we can be back to old site. Cpanel, I see no way of changing the root directory, even at WHM level. So what do I do? Delete old site and upload? How 1990's


Hi Brian,

Sounds like a redirect to me. In the accounts cPanel in the Domains section you'll find redirects.

Hope that helps!