phpMyAdmin security vulnerability


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I have been reading articles about a vulnerability in phpMyAdmin versions prior to 4.7.7. Is there a planned update for phpMyAdmin, or are there actions we need to take ourselves to get the latest?


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This does not seem to affect cPanel, as cPanel uses token-based logins for PhpMyAdmin and it would be difficult for an attacker to craft a malicious link that works with cPanel's sessions. cPanel staff has confirmed this, and you can read more about this here:


In short, because PhpMyAdmin requires cPanel or WHM authentication before it will work, this vulnerability should not apply to you. However, cPanel plans to release PhpMyAdmin 4.7.7 in a future version update. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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it's need to update the latest phpmyadmin version, baecasue WHM/Cpanel community update to itself continuously, if customised software is not updated then it play security vulnerability, and sometimeit happened DDS attacked.