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...of our servers. :p Just wondering if such things exist. I wouldn't mind seeing where my reseller account is sitting at.


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Yeah that's always something cool I've thought of is to see a picture of the server my stuff is on hundreds of miles away, yet a fraction of a second away at the same time :p


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:D See? I bet if I asked 1and1 this, they'd say no and tell me to go to my room or something.
But with 1and1, you don't have to ask for pictures. Just open any tech magazine (most of which now seem to be "brought to you by 1and1"), find their 5-10 page advertisement, and take a look at your wonderful servers there.



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But thats not personal.

It's like looking at a satellite photo of the planet and being told it's a picture of your house. :)


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Heh, so you could ask for a reboot and watch the person going there to reboot your machine and waving at you on the cam? :)

I, personally don't care much about seeing where my server is, as soon as it is working like now. But, it wouldn't be too bad if I had a photo of my VPS, signed by the technician who takes care of it. So, I could hang it to my wall and say "Yea, he is the man" :p


Pretty darn cool.

At KH's growing rate we soon might be asking for pictures of "The Knownhost DataCenter" :p