Name Server Questions


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We recently moved our server from one Knownhost VPS running cPanel, to a new VPS running Direct Admin.

I have a few questions.

The original set up email from Knownhost support for the new server specified to set my nameservers to ns1.( and ns2.( We have our own name server so I set up those in the main domain name register per the email. Those are the same name server specs as we had on our old server. So on our domain register, I simply logged in and changed the IP addresses to reflect the new server.

I have five accounts on my VPS that are all accounts I own. Within the Direct Admin control panel for these various accounts it actually specifies that the domain server names for each of the individual domain names be set to ns1.( and ns2(

I was wondering what the correct settings should be? I seem to be getting some warnings when I do DNS checks.

One warning is this > Local NS list does not match Parent NS list

Second warning is this > Serial numbers do not match

Thanks in advance,

Have you properly set up Named (or other acceptable DNS server daemon) in DirectAdmin on your new VPS? If so, have you tried (at the Linux command line):
dig@ns1.<domainname> <domainname>
The dig command will return either a valid IP address for your new VPS or the names of your authoritative nameservers.
After allowing for propagation (which takes 3-4 hours at most), continued errors call for checking the names and IP addresses of your authoritative nameservers at your Registrar(s). can be helpful in narrowing down the issues.
- Tom