I'd complain but........


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I'm really sick of this good service! I ask for support and actually get it! What's up with that Joel? I contact support about that new VPS this am and those jokers immediately got right on it. (it ain't fixed or I wouldn't be goofing off on the forums but still!) Keep it up and I might start expecting other companies to give the same level of support!

BTW, do you guys do laundry?

Dang that was quick! Y'all could have given me time to goof off a little more!

(Thanks! You guys rock!)

This is what happens when you eat to many tablets.



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Lol. All kidding aside, they have been wonderful. This is my second VPS with Knownhost and I haven't had a single complaint.


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Just thought I'd bump so newcomers could see that Knownhost has retained customers. (see original post date) Let's see, I currently upgraded to a hybrid on my main server and have 4 others with them. They must be doing something right.


I have been here since April 2008 and have no intentions of leaving. Having the KnownHost Support Team to back me up is like having my very own support staff. They have provided me so much friendly and timely help, I cannot begin to show my appreciation.