Brand new with a silly question

Hi everyone!

I am so excited about being here! I've just signed up for my very first ever hosting (I've never even seen a cPanel before, so this should be a real thrill-ride for me!!!). I'm hoping that y'all don't mind a little hand-holding from time to time. Hopefully one of these days I'll know enough to lend a helping hand myself once in a while.

My first dumb question: I can't for the life of me get an avatar uploaded. I've tried png, gif and jpg and none of them work. I made sure the image size was 200x200. I'm sure it's something silly... what am I doing wrong?

Happy to be here!
Thank you thank you Jonathan... it worked perfect! You're my hero!
What's funny is that I told hubby I was having trouble with it just before I saw your reply. He said he could probably figure it out. So I showed him what was happening and BOOF there was my avatar. He's now claiming full credit for having "fixed" it. Eeeeesshh....


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Heh, lets leave it to that. I like it better than an error on our side hahaha.