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  1. KH-JonathanKW
    Happy 4th of July!
  2. chrsdgtl
    Can you dig it!
  3. phpAddict
    Thank you KH for upgrading my dedi last night!!! XOXO XD
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  4. Cloud Ibn
  5. phpAddict
    I feel so special today. Just discovered someone with a massive botnet (1,000+) attacking a WP site on my server. Didn't think anyone cared.
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  6. JohnA
    JohnA KH-Paul
    Hi Paul,

    A little while ago I mentioned (I think it was Jonathan) that I might see a significant surge in traffic to my website and asked what should I do so as not to have my site throttled or lose traffic. I believe Jonathan said just to give you guys a 'heads up'. This might happen in the next few days to a week!

  7. SRI
    One or more invalid nameservers.
  8. KeVo
    KeVo phpAddict
    Thanks for the welcome!
  9. balihosting
    balihosting KH-DanielP
    hi daniel do you provide pre sales consultation? and please close my thread tq
  10. thienthanh2710
    đẹp nhất là rạng sáng
    1. phpAddict
      How was the meteor shower?
      Apr 15, 2016
  11. phpAddict
    This here profile post form field got cold from not being used in awhile so I went ahead and warmed it back up for you all.
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  12. phpAddict
    Was curious if was for sale. Wow, I didn't think websites this bad still existed. But, it does have some awesome GIF clipart. :p LOL
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    2. KH-Jonathan
      Sep 21, 2015
  13. action
    action Unni
    Hi nice to see you here
    usually we chat on ticket :)
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  14. phpAddict
    Anyone else having an absurd amount of up time? Come on KH, I need some job security here.
  15. KH-Jonathan
  16. Jean Egan
    Jean Egan KH-Jonathan
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  17. Jean Egan
    Jean Egan phpAddict
    I feel the same about BlueHost. They cost me a month worth of my time repairing hosting for my clients and nearly destroyed my business. I won't be going back. I'm so happy to be here with KnownHost :)
  18. phpAddict
    I get these "Host Gator wants you back" emails and think: You destroyed my business and you want to give me 50% off for 1 month? Gee thanks!
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  19. Dan
    Dan phpAddict
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  20. phpAddict
    1 Year Anniversary Coming Up On 5/19!!! It's been a very reliable year!
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