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Plugin Blacklist

WordPress is a very open and active ecosystem. With many thousands of plugins available, unfortunately some conflict with our system or will negatively impact your website. In an effort to help your site run as well as possible we've compiled a list of plugins which we do not allow on our network. We do our best to keep this list as small as possible.

If your site is found to be running one of these plugins we will send a notice that it will be removed in 24 hours, and then it will be removed after that time period has expired.


Category Description
Performance Plugins in this category have been deemed to negatively impact the performance of a site, generally because they are written in an inefficient manner.
Broken Plugins which are broken, unmaintained, or not compatible with current WP versions are blacklisted here.
Related Posts While technically a sub-category of "Performance", related posts plugins have a long history of poor performance. They generate very inefficient database queries causing sites to slow to a crawl especially under heavy traffic or with a lot of posts. Plugins which perform their matching logic remotely are acceptable.
Security No one wants to have security vulnerabilities! Unfortunately some plugins go unmaintained or have developers who do not patch security issues in a timely manner.
Unmaintained Plugins which have unfortunately been abandoned by their developers.
Caching Most caching plugins conflict with the existing layers of caching we implement. In addition, more often than not file-based caching does more harm than good especially when they don't clean up their cache files properly. We highly recommend taking advantage of Litespeed Cache WordPress plugin which we install by default and maintain the server-side component for customers.


Are you a developer? Do you see one of your plugins in our list? Contact us and lets talk about getting your plugin off of this list! We don't bite, but we do have high standards for security and performance.

Plugin Name Category More Info
6scan-backup Unmaintained
6scan-protection Unmaintained
contextual-related-posts Related Posts
fuzzy-seo-booster Related Posts
p3-profiler Unmaintained
searchterms-tagging-2 Unmaintained Resource intensive keyword spammer
seo-alrp Unmaintained
similar-posts Related Posts
StupidPie Performance
the-codetree-backup Unmaintained
updraft Unmaintained There are other available versions of the plugin which are maintained.
w3-total-cache Caching
wordpress-beta-tester Other We only support the latest, stable version of WordPress.
wp-cachecom Caching
wp-fast-cache Caching
wp-fastest-cache Caching
wp-file-cache Caching
wp-super-cache Caching
yet-another-featured-posts-plugin Related Posts
yet-another-related-posts-plugin Related Posts
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