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 ====== What percentage of server resources do you offer customers? ====== ====== What percentage of server resources do you offer customers? ======
-With both standard VPS and SSD VPS plansCPU is shared so there'​s ​no set limit on the amount of CPU available for your useProcesses can burst to use 100% of the CPU cores available; howeverwe have monitoring systems in place to let us know if you’re using more than 25% of the allocated CPU at any given time for longer than 90 seconds. If this occurs, we contact you in regards to the usage.+With our new MVPS and CLOUD packagesyou will no longer be sharing ​the whole CPU pool with everyone elseEach container is limited ​to a certain number((1-6,​ depending on package)) ​of vCPUs,((virtual CPUs)) so if someone else happens to have a runaway process, their ability ​to interfere with you and other customers will be much more limited.
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