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 +====== How do I move my VPS to a different datacenter? ======
 +When moving within the same datacenter, ie going from a VPS in TX to an SSD VPS in TX, we can do this behind the scenes with no service interruption. ​ Unfortunately when changing geographical locations this isn't possible because an IP address can only be tied to a single network (read physical location), thus we have to assign new IPs.
 +Since existing functionality within the OS and control panels will fail to properly update IP addresses, we do require a new VPS to be purchased with new IPs at which point our support department will help you migrate your data over.  Then the old VPS is cancelled.
 +Here's a step by step list on the proper procedure:
 +  - Purchase a new VPS in the desired datacenter. ​ We recommend choosing the datacenter closest to the majority of your audience.
 +    * For most customers with a US-based clientele this will be Dallas.
 +    * European clientele generally have the best connection to our East Coast datacenter.
 +    * The West Coast datacenter is the best choice for connectivity to Asia.
 +  - Once you receive your VPS login details, [[https://​​|open a support ticket]] requesting migration from your old server to the new one.  Our support staff will take over from here and request all necessary information and handle the process for you.
 +  - Upon the completion of the migration, you will be instructed to update the IP addresses of your nameservers with your registrar. ​ This will cause traffic to now be directed to your new server.
 +  - At this point, the old VPS can be terminated. ​ [[https://​​|Open a billing ticket]] to request that the old VPS be terminated noting that it is one you've migrated from and would like a pro-rata account credit for the remainder of it's billing period. ​ It will then be cancelled and a pro-rata credit applied to your account which will automatically be applied to your next due invoice.
 +That's it, it's really that simple.
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