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How do I move my VPS to a different datacenter?

When moving within the same datacenter, ie going from a VPS in TX to an SSD VPS in TX, we can do this behind the scenes with no service interruption. Unfortunately when changing geographical locations this isn't possible because an IP address can only be tied to a single network (read physical location), thus we have to assign new IPs.

Since existing functionality within the OS and control panels will fail to properly update IP addresses, we do require a new VPS to be purchased with new IPs at which point our support department will help you migrate your data over. Then the old VPS is cancelled.

Here's a step by step list on the proper procedure:

  1. Purchase a new VPS in the desired datacenter. We recommend choosing the datacenter closest to the majority of your audience.
    • For most customers with a US-based clientele this will be Dallas.
    • European clientele generally have the best connection to our East Coast datacenter.
    • The West Coast datacenter is the best choice for connectivity to Asia.
  2. Once you receive your VPS login details, 1)open a support ticket requesting migration from your old server to the new one. Our support staff will take over from here and request all necessary information and handle the process for you.
  3. Upon the completion of the migration, you will be instructed to update the IP addresses of your nameservers with your registrar. This will cause traffic to now be directed to your new server.
  4. At this point, the old VPS can be terminated. 2)Open a billing ticket to request that the old VPS be terminated noting that it is one you've migrated from and would like a pro-rata account credit for the remainder of it's billing period. It will then be cancelled and a pro-rata credit applied to your account which will automatically be applied to your next due invoice.

That's it, it's really that simple.

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