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How to Add a CAPTCHA to WordPress Comments that Isn’t reCAPTCHA?

There are times when you’d like to stop comment spam via a CAPTCHA, but don’t want to use the Google reCAPTCHA solution. Reasons for this include difficulty in interpreting audio when the user is visually impaired - an accessibility concern. There are also times that the English language words are difficult for non-English speakers to understand and recognize.

reCAPTCHA isn’t the only game in town. There are numerous other CAPTCHA technologies, many of which are discussed on the wiki, provided by the WCAG working group.

Rather than an image-based challenge for potential commenters, HumanCaptcha by Outerbridge provides a text question that humans can answer but machines will not. Visually impaired users will find their screen readers able to read the text, allowing them to answer the questions just as they would entering their name or comment.

HumanCaptcha will suffer from some of the same issues as reCAPTCHA audio - there could be no translation for the user language, but doesn’t suffer the same accessibility concerns with reCAPTCHA.

Install the HumanCaptcha by Outerbridge plugin using our How to Install

Plugins procedure:

1)HumanCaptcha by Outerbridge

Once the plugin is installed and activated, customize via: Plugins → HumanCaptcha

Configuration options include:

  • Enabling/Disabling on Comments
  • Enabling/Disabling on Registration Form
  • Enabling/Disabling on Login Form
  • Setting custom questions and answers to be used as challenges Once activated, the question and answer entry form fields should appear

between Name, Email, Website, [here], and Comment (big box).

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