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 ====== Default VPS port speed settings ====== ====== Default VPS port speed settings ======
-<WRAP center round tip 100%> 
-All new VPSs provisioned on or after June 7, 2015 will be provisioned with a 100Mbps port speed.  VPSs provisioned before this date will be automatically upgraded over time and this article will be updated to reflect that once it's complete. 
-<WRAP center round tip 100%> 
-All VPSs are now running on a 100Mbps port speed (9/16/15). 
-<del+All [[|Managed VPS]] and [[|Cloud VPS]] packages have a default 100Mbps port speed. 
-For users' security reasons, our newly provisioned VPS'have a 10 Mbps cap placed on themIf you'd like to increase the cap/limit, simply open a support ticket requesting the VPS cap limit to either be removed or changed. The limits available are as follows:</del>+ 
 +<WRAP info
 +All Managed VPS packages located in our Atlanta, GA location have a 200Mbps port speed. 
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