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The next section is the Statistics section. Here you can see the site's Domain, IP Address, Nameservers, WordPress version, number of Installed Plugins, number of Active Plugins, Disk Usage, Visits, and Bandwidth Usage.


There are several graphs available on this page detailing resource usage over time. These graphs can help identify at what point an account upgrade or different type of package is necessary.

CPU Usage. DB usage included

This graph represents the amount of CPU your account is consuming. 100% represents the total amount of CPU time available to your account.

Physical Memory Usage

This graph represents the amount of memory your account is consuming in megabytes.

Input/Output Usage. DB usage included

This graph represents the amount of I/O throughput your account is consuming.

Io operations

This graph represents the number of IOPS generated by your account. This is the number of I/O operations per second. Accessing a single file = 1 IO operation. A single page load will consume multiple IOs.

Entry Processes

This represents the available loading "slots" for your website. While a visitor is loading the page he's using a slot. When the page is done loading for him the slot is returned to the pool.


This graph represents the total number of processes running on your account.


This will reflect any faults, or instances of your account reading a limit. It helps to at a glance check for resource issues. If you see faults logged please contact us so we can help you find the plan that best fits your site and resource needs.

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