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 ====== SMTP Error 451 ====== ====== SMTP Error 451 ======
-Description: ​451451451451451451451451+Description: ​<​blockquote>​Requested action aborted: error in processing</​blockquote>​
 ==== What does this mean? ==== ==== What does this mean? ====
-<​!AWESOME MEANING!>​+When attempting to process the message, the receiving mailserver'​s rules prevented it from processing it for delivery. Rules such as SPF verification can create this error. ​
 ==== How to fix SMTP Error 451 ==== ==== How to fix SMTP Error 451 ====
-<​!AWESOME FIX!>+Depending on the exact message given, it's most likely related to the recipient server'​s rules. For example, SPF verification requires a DNS lookup for the domain the email is being sent from. If the DNS server for that domain does not work or fails, the mail server can not process the rules.
 +Check and make sure that whatever email address you are sending from (eg.,​ the domain'​s name server is working properly.
-=== Similar SMTP Errors === 
-**[[email:​troubleshooting:​error-numbers:​451|#​ 451]]** 
 +==== SMTP Error 451 Examples ====
 +<​code>​SMTP error 451 Unable to complete command, DNS not available or timed out</​code>​
 +<​code>​451 Domain of sender address does not resolve</​code>​
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