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 +<WRAP center round important 70%>
 +This error is related to Microsoft Exchange Servers only.
 ====== SMTP Error 449 ====== ====== SMTP Error 449 ======
-Description: ​449449449449449449449449+Description: ​<​blockquote>​A routing error.</​blockquote>​
 ==== What does this mean? ==== ==== What does this mean? ====
-<​!AWESOME MEANING!>​+Also, like most other Microsoft Errors, this message leaves a lot to question. No official description is provided for this, however see the fix suggestion for possible further diagnosis.
 ==== How to fix SMTP Error 449 ==== ==== How to fix SMTP Error 449 ====
-<​!AWESOME FIX!> +Microsoft'​s official suggestion for diagnosing and attempt to resolve the issue, is to use their WinRoute tool. You can see more on this in their official knowledgebase here: [[http://​​kb/​281382|Microsoft KB: How to use WinRoute tool]] 
- +
- +
-=== Similar SMTP Errors === +
-**[[email:troubleshooting:​error-numbers:​449|# 449]]**+
 +Good luck!
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