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Unable to Open Backup on a Dedicated Server

Under certain circumstances a dedicated server or VPS can run into problems when trying to access a backup file.

Behind the scenes the Site Backup and Recovery Tool has attempted to access a particular backup file. In many cases the issue boils down to the tool not coping with a compressed backup file that's larger than 2GB.

The below solution overcomes the compressed file stuck issue which is preventing you from opening a backup on your dedicated server or VPS.

Step by Step How to Solve the Unable to Open Backup on Dedicated Server Issue

  1. Login to WHM as root
  2. At the top left search bar, search for: backup
  3. Choose Backup Configuration or Legacy Backup Configuration (whichever is appropriate)
  4. Enable Incremental Backup (note the **no compression message)

After completing the above steps your backups will be performed incrementally and without compression. While it may mean a bit more disk usage, it'll also mean your backup and recovery software can work without getting bogged down on large compressed files.

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