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Migrating from a VPS to a dedicated server

Very easy
Very easy
When moving from a VPS to a dedicated server it does require an IP change because we run the two services on separate networks. This means your dedicated server will be provisioned with new IP addresses and the migration process below will automatically move everything to them for you.

Since there's no migration path to convert a virtualized OS into a full OS on it's own hardware, we have to perform a bit of a manual migration.

Here's a step by step list on the proper procedure:

  1. Purchase the dedicated server of your choosing.
  2. Once you receive your server's login details, 1)open a support ticket requesting migration from your old server to the new one. Our support staff will take over from here and request all necessary information and handle the process for you.
  3. Upon the completion of the migration, you will be instructed to update the IP addresses of your nameservers with your registrar. This will cause traffic to now be directed to your new server.
  4. At this point, the old VPS can be terminated. 2)Open a billing ticket to request that the old VPS be terminated noting that it is one you've migrated from and would like a pro-rata account credit for the remainder of it's billing period. It will then be cancelled and a pro-rata credit applied to your account which will automatically be applied to your next due invoice.

That's it, it's really that simple.

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