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MySQL preventing cPanel from updating

cPanel Update Requires MySQL 5.0+

If you're reading this article, you've most likely received this warning, "The Last Attempt to Update cPanel & WHM was Blocked".

This is a warning indicating that the WHM & cPanel auto updates have been blocked. When you upgrade to a newer version of cPanel & WHM or install cPanel & WHM on a new server, cPanel & WHM checks your system for compatibility with the version of cPanel & WHM that you wish to install.

cPanel has official documentation regarding it's Upgrade Blockers in 1) cPanel Docs: Upgrade Blockers

Specifically, cPanel 11.34+ now requires MySQL 5.0 or higher.2)

cPanel & WHM version Upgrade requirements Upgrade blockers
11.34 MySQL® 5.0 or newer MySQL 4.x or earlier

To upgrade cPanel you'll have to upgrade your MySQL version and databses. See our How do I upgrade MySQL on cPanel servers? article for help upgrading.

Upgrading MySQL Databases may break existing websites, if you are unsure, you'll need to contact your developer to confirm support for the desired MySQL version.

You can learn two more ways to check the current MySQL version here.
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