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Regenerate expiring cPanel service SSL certificates

This article is outdated and is intended only for older servers before WHM v56 or servers using self-signed certificates.

This doesn't apply to up-to-date servers. As of WHM v56 and later; cPanel automatically issues signed certificates for the hostnames that correctly resolve to the server.

Self-Signed Certificates are installed on WHM / cPanel servers by default. These certificates expire just like SSL Certificates from a Signed Certificate Authority. You may have received an email from your server, such as "Certificate for services on hostname will expire in less than 30 days". As long as your SSL Certificates are Self-Signed, this procedure will resolve that email notification.

If you are looking for the free DV certificates cPanel can automatically create for your websites, please see our article on AutoSSL.

If you would like to purchase a premium certificate for your server or domain needs please Click here for more information.

Regenerating Self-Signed Certificates in cPanel / WHM

You'll need root access to your WHM Panel to proceed with regenerating self-signed SSL Certificates. Simply follow these steps (or see the video at the bottom of this article):

  1. Login to your WHM Panel. ( https://yourserversip:2087 or http://yourserversip:2086 )
  2. Navigate to Home » Service Configuration » Manage Service SSL Certificates
  3. Once on this page, you should see a list of cPanel's Services that use SSL Certificates. When clicking on 'Certificate Details', you should also notice Issuer: (self-signed).
  4. To regenerate the Self-Signed Certificates, simply select the "Reset Certificate" link option.
  5. You'll receive a popup prompting you to Confirm the reset, simply select Proceed.
  6. Another popup dialog will be presented requesting that you restart cpsrvd. If you are planning to reset all 4 certificates, select Cancel until you are resetting the last certificate in the list. However, restarting after each reset is perfectly fine as well.
  7. Follow steps 1-6 for all Self-Signed Certificates that need to be regenerated.

Video Guide

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